The most effective method to kill portable information when gadget is found (MIUI class Vol.66)


Hello there Mi Fans! 

Welcome to MIUI Class! We will impart to you some MIUI tips in each class. In this string, a few answers will be accommodated your reference. In any case, it may not be the sole response to the inquiry and you can give any sensible answers beneath. Here comes the Q&A! 

In the period of data innovation, we constantly important to keep associated with everything on the internet. Particularly at work, every one of us is certain to utilize versatile information for simplicity of taking care of, aside from areas with wifi. The utilization of versatile information will straightforwardly influence individual costs. In this way, how to utilize it fittingly yet at the same time unravel the activity is the thing that individuals care about. 

There are things we won't have to utilize versatile information when not utilizing the gadget. Also, that is the substance of our exercise today. 

Q: How to Turn Off Mobile Data when Device is Locked? 

An: Open Security application, tap on Battery, pick setting image in the upper right corner. Presently tap on Turn off Mobile information when gadget is bolted, set your time inclination. At that point your versatile information will kill naturally notwithstanding when you neglect to do as such.
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