CID Bengali - Full Episode 752 - 17th March, 2019

Episode 750: Highway Murders
Jigar, a hot tempered guy goes for a trip with his friends. He does not
return and neither of his friends. In addition to that their mobiles have
been unavailable for nearly 24 hours. Cid starts search and reach the
point their mobile has been unavailable after a point on highway.
Evidences lead them to a village nearby.

About CID:
CID is an Indian detective television anthology series about India's Crime
Investigation Department, created by B. P. Singh for Sony Entertainment
Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. Following a pilot
episode on 29 April 1997, the series premiered on 21 January 1998 and is
the longest-running television series in India, having completed 19 years in
January 2017 and entering the 20th year of its run. The show airs on
Saturday and Sunday nights at 10:30 PM IST.

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