Aloe Vera for Thicker hair Jail

Aloe Vera for Thicker hair Jail

Every day the scalp is sweating, dust accumulates. Hair beauty. The hair becomes rough and lifeless. That also Daily hair fall is endless. Many A variety of hair to protect from hair fall The treatment.

None of this lasts long because It is used instead of natural ingredients Chemical
At home rather than expensive treatment Naturally thin hair can thickening. Think How to do it? No worries today, you A nice pack of hairy caring Alonvera Prison Your hair will be thicker in use.

What to create: 
Aloe vera gel and potato juice

Ready method and method of use:
1. First a small piece of potato with a beetroot Mix it up.

2. 2 tbsp aloe vera with Ivar's blondized potato Make a hair pack with gel mix.

3. This pack is well-rubbed in the hair's skin. Use it and leave it for 30 minutes. Shampoo.

Use the same rules every week One day you will see your hair thickening with the same health Bright.
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