One terabyte memory card is now on the market

One terabyte memory card is now on the market

1 terabyte microSD card with SanDisk market That looks like your nails.

Just one month after being announced at the Mobile World Congress The microSD UHS-I of the company came to the market The card and the card are available for only 450 dollars or 37350 Tk The Thomas Guide's list shows that the card's Reid Speed is about 90 MB per second and the right speed is about 60 Megabytes per second.

Although the Mobile World Congress World's fastest flash memory released It's a bit slow. Also in this memo 512 GB version available at 200 USD or 16600 TK And 400 GB version available with reduced price of 90 USD Or 7470 taka.

The company has suggested that the card is from mobile 4 videos to submit or Go Pro camera video Can be used to keep. The company also informed That they are currently creating the fastest version of this card Task whose read speed will be 170 megabytes per second and The right speed will be 90 megabytes per second. Although the company The card did not give any information about the release, even They were also not willing to comment on the matter.
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