Suppression of lung infections

Suppression of lung infections

Many people are suffering from respiratory problems nowadays due to pollution. 

However, many may not first realize that her lungs Infection. From a long-neglected cause of infection Could cause fatal problems.

Some symptoms or symptoms when a lung infection is Gets published.

1. Infections in the lungs usually increase the body temperature. Frequent fevers can come. Rise from the temperature not stable. This fever has never been passed on through sweat. Indeed, these symptoms After the time of bacterial fever. But long If the same is the same, the doctor should seek refuge.

2. A lot of lung infections due to frequent mucosa seen Gives Increase in heart rate due to lack of oxygen in the body Found Then he is very young. Sometimes it Patient for a lifetime without having a permanent solution The inhaler has to be relied upon.

3. Some of the cough with coughing when it is transmitted to the lungs Change appears. Common cold takes as the cough comes out of her Differs from the other. Sometimes the presence of blood with the cucumber is seen Can go. A little cold, it feels like a cough.

4. Can feel chest pain in a lung infection. More pain It is time to cough. Cough toss seems to be inside the chest Feeling the pressure on the wall.
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