Why do you eat the Perara?

Why do you eat the Perara?

The fruit is very useful in summer season. Fruit is as tasty, It is nutritious. Dental doctors to strengthen teeth Dinner advice. Besides strong and strong gums There are multiple health properties in the Peyara. By Roz Khan Peyara And keep away from multiple health problems.

In order to control high blood pressure, the Peryara is extremely Effective High blood pressure problems when potassium deficiency in the body The head gives twirling.

United States Department of According 100 to the data of the agriculture 417 milligram Potassium. The amount we have in our body every day About 9 percent of the potassium required is found in 100 grams Peyara.

It is very effective in maintaining heart health. The Peyara has plenty of polyphenol, Carotenard Like antioxidants that help to keep the heart healthy. It also contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is the bone And the gums strong.
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