improve memory with food.

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improve memory with food, is the memory, preservation and remembrance of mental skills in the language of psychology. Most people have a tendency to forget. But forgetting important things gives rise to disappointment. With age, you can feel that your memory skills gradually decreases so that you cannot remember much information like before. Although it is a natural process but with some simple tasks you can improve your memory even in the brain.

Such as:

1. Physically activity, If you are physically active, it will only help you to stay healthy. But also helps your brain gain growth. For this You have to work very heavy or participate in sportsmanship . Simple exercises like walking, running, You can also work with your bike, Improving the functioning of memory and brain function Can.

2. Emotionally activity, Mental activism like physical activity Help improve the HDI. U.S. Stanford University researchers report 30%-50% amnesism Prevent common psychological exercises such as-crossfire Palgel, chess game, reading newspapers or books, learning languages and Driving through alternative routes, etc.

3. Healthy Eating, Nutritional suppliers of the brain are well-balanced foods such as omega 3 fatty acids Acids, vitamin B complex and antioxidants in your Helps to keep the brain high. Fruits and There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in the patient. Prevent disease and loss of your entire body age Protection.

4. Grass Olfactory, Australia's Queensland University of Brisbane Neuroscientist can learn after years of research that The two parts of the brain, which are refreshed in the grass, are amagala. (Dealing with emotions) and the hippocampus (work with memory ) To stimulate the economy. This can be stress-free and Memory and improvement occur.

5. Chewing gum, Do not trust and do not make gum your alert and Improves memory. Apatite Taco at 2002 and 2004 It is through two research reports published in the journal Known. Chewing gum increases heartbeat and blood in the brain Increases the flow.

6. Caffeine, With the risks and benefits of taking caffeine, though, many argue , Then caffeine and help to enhance the alertness and memory No one is denying that. Last 5 years Some studies have found that caffeine shortterm memory Improves and protects women from getting amnesia By Side effects of salt-caffeine to stay free And the maximum benefit is the finite amount Caffeine means drink tea, coffee, etc.

7. Adequate sleep, The body needs rest after the whole day's work. With Brain To undo the overall functioning of the body, sleep is extremely Required You have to go to sleep and wake up in a Set and adhere to consistent schedules. As a result, you You can get up and go asleep on time. Sleep time The brain goes through its work and works well to preserve memory Works.
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