Water before drinking tea-coffee Is drinking essential

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It's like a tea. It is Not mere culture. The practice for the body Also Good So, there's a glass of time. Drink water.

Drinking water before tea and coffee No obligation. However, if the stomach is empty And go to drink tea-coffee in the bare belly, so The problem may be there. Tea-Coffee on empty stomach is a bit The acidosis. Those peptic ulcers , The pain is a little too much.

Drinking water for a few years Tensions are low. However, if the stomach is full then it needs There is no

Tea and coffee are both active ingredients Respectively, in tannin and caffeine. Both are spiced Works as an agent. Means the aqueous part of the body The role of the body to get out. In that case Drinking water can make a little bit of a balance.

Eating something lighter with no coffee or eating tea on empty stomach Should be taken. If you don't get anything, let it be a glass. No downside.

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