Pregnant Mom Care

Pregnant Mom's Care

In the words of a child, the mother is happy. And to see that smile The mother has to remain cheerful and free from the gestation period. Pregnant mom needs to have a regular sleep and adequate rest. After all, for healthy children, pregnant mothers are sufficiently nutritious Food intake and health care are needed. Everyone in the family Help and cooperation should be made to the pregnant mother. Pregnant mom's own essential food as well as eating The baby needs extra food to be in the womb.

So the pregnant mother and Pregnant mother's Day for healthy life of Tarunex baby Need to take nutritious food. Ignorance, prejudice and Many pregnant mothers in our country due to poverty Do not take the necessary nutritious foods. Mom's Opustica Food intake is not only harmful to her, but for a newborn baby Seriously damaging. Adequate nutritious foods for mothers during pregnancy Children and pregnant mothers are both malnourished due to lack of intake.

And if the mother is pregnant during pregnancy then that child Born will be less than normal in her birth weight, baby Will be born with a congenital malnutrition. Such children The risk of death remains high. And if a mother If you don't eat nutritious food, then mother's health will collapse. In Type of maternal abortion, immature and dead child birth and There is also the risk of death in childhood.

Daily rice, fish (Malan, Dala, etc.) are small for pregnant mothers Fish), meat, eggs, milk and thick lentils, sim bechy etc. To eat. It also has dark green and yellow vegetables and fresh Fruits, especially ripe mangoes, papaya, jackfruit, Peara, pineapple, Vegetables, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, sweets. Pumpkin foods are rich in vitamin A. Because vitamin A helps in the use of iron (iron) in the body.

Amla, Paara, grapefruit, cambium, pigeon lemon, paper The deficiency of vitamin C will be easily consumed by the consumption of lemon, Kulin etc. Vitamin C is too much to be absorbed in the body iron (iron) Emergency Calcium is also important for pregnant mothers.

High blood pressure due to lack of calcium, pre-Monomapsia . Milk, ghee, butter, egg yolk, small fish (The thorn) is the fruit of the buds, lentils, meats and green clover. There is a lot of calcium in them. For some reason all types of Nutritious foods can be made at home Normal foods, such as a little more rice, a more dense amount of lentils, It will be necessary to play curry and enough fruit.

Diet rich in pregnancy (e.g. meat, eggs, buds, Lentils, kanchakla, spinach, red spinach, papaya, and herbs. Other green vegetables and fresh fruits daily. To eat. Pregnant mother's diet salts salt and Marine fish and seafood should have fish oil. Abundance of vegetables and fresh fruits to satisfy iodine deficiency Can be done. At the time of gestation, the daily 15 – 20 glasses of pure and Arsenic free safe drinking water. At this time, mothers You have to eat in the bar.

There is a lot of pressure on the mother's body during childbirth and her There is a lot of decay of the body. The decay of the body, the nutrients and the body Maternity like pregnant mother to keep healthy and diseased The mother has to eat more nutritious food. Besides, the baby It is only after birth that the food of the mother is ready. Mothers need extra nutrients. Five months since birth You have to give the child only breast milk until age.

Mother Sal Milk for Baby and Bukermilk is the best nutritious in the world Food Breast milk ingredients are made from the mother's body. So Maternity mothers to develop their own health and breast milk The mother has to eat all kinds of nutrients rich in food. Maternity women produce the decay of their body and the production of chest milk Increases the protein requirements for the aging. Maternity mothers Daily protein national foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, lentils Etc. to eat more.

Usually 20 – 30 ounce of milk is produced daily on the mother's chest. 2 1 gm of milk protein produced from GM food protein It Only possible mothers if daily 100 grams of protein Half or two-thirds of zooprotein proteins such as fish, meat, eggs, Take milk, etc. Fauna protein is perfect for mother's milk Material.

The baby's body growth is more than that of children. So much Protein needs. And this protein from Baby mama's breast milk . The mother of calcium and iron To eat too much, so that two strains of the baby through milk Can meet the needs of the body.

Maternity mothers are sufficient to meet the demand for calcium Eat calcium rich foods. And the needs of the iron You should eat more food that is rich. Breast The mother in the first six months of the season needed extra calories.

In Calories are consumed in the work of making and secreted milk. So much To eat rice, bread, etc. Also, vitamin A. B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (Ribofenine) and vitamin C Maternity care to meet the demand daily You need to eat vegetables and seasonal fruits on demand.

The baby eats at least the amount of mother's milk per day. Drinking water national food should be given back to the mother's body. Baby born at least six weeks maternity mother with heavy nap Can't be allowed to work. A mother so full of rest You have to pay attention to the drink. Maternity Mother's Frugal rest As the mother's health keeps good, the child's health is good .
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