Could be breast cancer, and celebrated cancer world day

Could be breast cancer, and celebrated cancer world day
Breast Cancer

Women with breast cancer have the highest mortality rate. This is the most common risk of cancer in the 50-year-olds. Surprisingly, it was too much for women to be aware of these cancers, but now the effort is being put in to make men aware. Because breast cancer can be seen in men. However, the rate of getting infected with breast cancer in men is very low. Seen as one UK goes to 41 tho usand women breast cancer every year , Only 300 men were affected by the disease, compared to Was.

• No part of the nipple becoming a wheel wheel or a jump Seen.
• Changes in the size or shape of the nipple
• Changes in the size of the nipple
• Expulsion of blood or fluid from the nipple
• The appearance of rash around the nipple
• Swelling of the armpit or the wheel being seen
• Getting the whole of the nipple inside or hardening


Breast cancer classified by various grading systems Is This affects every reproduction and treatment May affect the response. The description of breast cancer These factors are most widely included.
Histopathology. Breast cancer is usually primarily her Is classified by histological period. Most breasts Cancer doctor or Lobiallus covered Epthelium, from , And this cancer is a very Is classified as.
Spring carcinoma suboptimal The increase in the cells of the cancerous or the printer's special tissues Not attacking the surrounding tissue such as inside the tissues Mammal Hoses. On the contrary, the invader's carcinoma primary Does not restrict yourself to tissue cells.

Breast Screening:

Breast-50 per annum for women aged from 70 Should be screening or mammogram. Mammogram is Checking the status of women's breasts through X-rays.
In the early stage, cancer is so small that It is not possible to understand it from the outside. But mammogram Through the very short stay or initial stage Cancer diagnosis. Get caught in the early stages There is a lot of potential for cancer to be healthy. And the It takes only a few minutes for the test to take place.

Risk levels:

50-year-olds have the highest risk levels. Breast 80 people who are suffering from cancer 50. In addition to those whose families have had breast cancer Are also very likely to be infected with this cancer.

Cancer World Day:

World Day Cancer, is an internationally observed Day World Day Cancer, or world on 4 February every years Cancer Awareness Day is observed.

Could be breast cancer, and celebrated cancer world day

This day the world Health Organization Cancer prevention and cancer The National Union for improving the quality of life of patients Support for the prevention of cancer (International Union Against cancer) Keeps.

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