Foods that consume raw

Foods that consume raw

You have to keep the body well. But so say eat Will be raw food! You know, I feel a little weirdo. But It proves that some foods are consuming raw More nutrients are available, compared to cooking food. Some There are vegetables and fruits that we eat raw, You can also eat cooked food again.

However, Cook Eating raw foods is healthier than eating. Eating more fruit than cakes, fast food is unhealthy We all know what's useful. But the Healthy fruits and vegetables are more raw eating Will bring benefits to health. Some foods Today's text is decorated with names.

Let's know if the food that will eat raw

(1) The Bell paper-cooked in excess of 190 degrees Its vitamin C is also wasted. So it's as raw as it can be Eat and drink vitamin C.

(2) Chickella – eaten by cooking and eating a small nutrient Found So the habit of eating chickinbread is in the raw state.

(3) The calories and fats inside him in almond frying Increased the amount. And decreases magnesium and The amount of iron. So eat peanuts in raw state.

(4) It is better to feed the broccoli. However, cooking Broccoli is a waste of food.

(5) Coconut-cooked with coconut in several cooking The taste increases but nutritional decreases. So in raw condition The glass of the coconut has more nutrients.

(6) Eating raw garlic on garlic-empty stomach is for health Very useful. Cancer, heart attack risk of garlic Eating can be avoided.

(7) Beet-cooked, 25 percent nutritional quality Decreases. So eat bits in raw state.

8. Onions-onion cooking more than eating Benefit. According to experts, raw onions Lung cancer helps prevent prostate cancer By
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