Henna leaves, Medicinal uses Plants

Henna leaves, Medicinal uses Plants,
Henna leaves,

That is, we know today about the medicinal plants used in henna leaves.

The color of henna increases the beauty 
of the girls ' hands, and henna leaves also benefit many diseases in human life.

This leaf has medicinal qualities that are unknown to many of us.

Know the medicinal properties of henna leaves: 

Leave a pair of socks in the soaking of the henna on the leg to reduce the irritation of the feet. This is the MOJTI Stay on foot all night. It will reduce the irritation of the feet.

A few of the henna leaves are made of balding with mustard oil. If it is cold,use it in the scalp. It will prevent baldness.

Healing the headache helps to relieve the headache of the henna tree. The flowers Mix the paste with the vinegar. Put it in the place of captors or pain. You can also Can use.

The itching or sore helps to apply the scalp to the back, neck, and other affected areas. It helps to reduce itching and irritation of the neck. You can make this with henna.

Brainwashed Get the henna leaves crushed in the water. Let's gargle it now. It also makes the mouth ulcers fast and the mouth Makes disinfection. Relieve dandruff Henna is very effective in removing dandruff.

Add mustard oil, methi, henna leaf boiled together and use it in the hair. After an hour, remove the shampoo. It is very nice to have a hair.

The wounds are the old wounds, which come back again, helping to heal the wounds of henna. Put the henna leaves in the wound.

This disease is usually caused by rotten and bacterial water in water rust. This can be a disease even after working in water for a long time. It causes wounds in the middle of the two fingers. If the hanging of Mehdi plaster in this wound becomes better, the blow becomes better.

It is not a comparison of henna to remove the age stamp. Think Will the skin become red? The skin of the mouth is completely different from that of henna. Mix your daily fenepan with a few henna leaves. And don't keep the pheuspack for more than 10 minutes. Wrinkles will be delayed on regular use.

The feet cracked in the winter, but the feet are not. However, there is a problem with someone's foot. Besides, there are also problems with skin. Many Henna leaves to bethe cracked thick coat in place. Keep it half an hour and wash off. Regular use will prevent leg cracked.

To avoid any sleep disorders such as Insomania The leaves are useful enough. Every day, eating henna leaves can solve your sleep problem.

It is not a good match to make nails strong and attractive. Soak some henna leaves in the water for a while. Water Light You can just eat that water in red.

The henna leaves help to heal the heart and keep blood pressure. Mehedi Juice OR The cardiovascular system and blood pressure are normal when seeds are played regularly. 

reduces the risk of heart attacks and stuses by preventing blood clots in the arteries.

Most henna leaves are useful for the body, however, in the dark henna skin, the allergy and several other problems . So you have to be careful in terms of using henna leaves.
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