Lylita Rock Clenching Your eye decoration

Is complete more cosmetics than an ayliner? And now Not only the Ayliner, but it's You have to choose your own hands. And Kajal or Ayliner is black, he's a guess! Without it How to do this? Starting from the basic line The end, cat I, the sound, depending on the way you like! Condolences There are a bunch of luxury ayacins!

Waterline Magic

You have to wear a glass of water for a few days. Pencil Easy to wear with an ayliner. Waterproof prison It will be a long time before you get a pencil. Get a piece of it Go to this liner pencil, choose the color of the choice.

Classic Cat eye

The latest makeup trend is at the very first cat I Makeup If you want to wear cat eye liner you need Hagelin Formula Drag a small line diagonally in the corner of the eye, Then drag the line from the inside to the outer side of the thick Give it a warm liner.

Smoky Maglev

You need to make soft smoky eyes. Pencil This is the foam on one side of the pencil. First Normally wear a lighter, then boil You can make your own.

Uind eye

If you want to wear this style liner, the brush should be very important. Fell The narrow brush of the Anguilla and the gel Take It will be easy to wear a liner, and it can also be worn in a cloth. It is important to have a brush for the graphic.

Retro Wing Eye
You need a marker to wear the liner. Wear thin liner to narrow down small shorts. Marker Penn's Mouth The treble says you can also experiment with the SHENP.

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