Some tips to increase breast milk in natural ways

Some tips to increase breast milk in natural ways

(1) Receiving a balanced meal. To accept 2,500 calories per day Experts advise.

(2) Drinking plenty of water. Mom's body is never enough Milk cannot produce if the amount of drinking water is low.

(3) to sleep as soon as possible at night and in the daytime The child is taken to sleep while sleeping.

(4) Doing some mild exercise regularly.

(5) Sharing the work with the relatives of the family, so that The pressure on the one does not fall too high.

(6) Increasing the amount of breast milk by breast feeding the child frequently.

(7) Eating oatmeal in a bowl every day. And feed the child until he wants to eat. And If you do not want to eat, you must feed. However, if the milk is not drained and Kids want to eat then some milk is available in the market Can feed it.

However, it is unlikely to feed well until the Fed can.
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