Summer every morning 2 Minute metaphor

Summer every morning 2 Minute metaphor

The hot season an d the boredom in the summer And freshness but what is his way? Is said Oppressive period for heat of skin Because of the feeling of oil and the dust. 

Tfreshness of the skin takes away from the room. As soon as And because of the daily suffering, we The skin appears to have different problems.

Be a little refreshed Before we get out, we have our own skincare . But out of the outside It appears that freshness Disappears. Don't worry, we're taking it for you today. Get your skin refreshed all day in summer Ways to keep up and do not take too long Only 2 minutes you'll get all day Freshness.

Let's take a look at summer Ways to do this for 2 minutes

(1) Get up in the morning and wash the mouth thoroughly. The water is not chemically or soft. Rinse your mouth with a phuswour and wash it well.

(2) Mix whole lemon juice in 2 cups of water. Or 3 tablespoons of water in 2 cups Mix or make green tea and ice From day to night. To use this morning to get up and Can.

(3) Two pieces of ice in a soft clean cut Take Turn the ice around the skin of the mouth.

(4) Rub the ice in the mouth until full ice. Then face Wash your mouth with light water.

And it's very refreshing to keep you up the whole day. And it will relieve the skin problems. This The work is effective for both men and women. So the The summer season is expected to be 2 minutes in the morning. You can follow the tips and also stay Can be refreshed all day.
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