Use new to dry up Mascara

Use new to dry up Mascara

If you want to get a smattering of deep and dark eyes, do you want to be a woman? What is the source of the birth? Masara What's the magic to have with your hands and think? Little Sneaker The tube is hidden in a unique beauty. Only One-two quotes that can make you completely Luke! If you want to multiply the beauty of the eye without the mask It's not possible!
The difficulty is such a thing, but it does not last. After buying It's not going to be a month until Maskara dries up! It The only thing you could do was buy a expensive Is too much! There is no other way to give up.
Not anymore! This time, the mascara is not going to dry. Won't be! Used to dry the masks two to three months ago To New Zealand. I'll let you go.

Why do the masks dry out?
Each time you eject the brush from the mask tube and Insert the air inside, so as naturally The masks are drying out. The tube's mouth is loose for any reason or The inner fluid dries up even if it is open.

Keep in mind
It's because of the use of drying masks that It is not a practice to be arbitrary. If After buying a mask, the six months are cut and Without the drying up and leaving the case. No way! If the period is less than The question comes.

How to make liquid-drying masks?

ITV drop
The easiest and safest way to make dry mascara liquid is on ITV Drop This is also a valid way to be a waterproof mask. Daily use of eye drops drop 10 drops in the mask tube Day, shake off the face of the tube. TUBTA lowercase Eye drops and masks are well mixed in the palate Will Ready for use in your mask!

Contact Lenses Solutions
This method is for those who use contact lenses Pretty simple. The rest is getting it from any chemist shop Will Two drops of lenses pour into the masking tubes Take it. But don't cover more solutions at once. One Check the thickness of the droplets.

Baby Oil
The method is the same. Pour a few drops of baby oil into the mask. I'm so shaken!

Hot water
In the saucepan, put the water in the sun. When the water starts to boil, the Maskaris Leave the tube in the water while the mouth is closed. Reduce heat Wait a minute. After a minute, the masked Take the tube out of the water to see if the material is fluid. If they are still in the mask, With a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil, hand Make your mask ready by mixing it in the palate!
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