Which is safe Caesar or normal?


most maternity mothers are interested in caesarean section. They adhere to it as an easy way of giving birth took.

But Caesar is a big surgeon so it risks its own Have A medical patient without complications is the most active Advised.

On the other hand, there is no complex problem during pregnancy. Then the delivery of the goods is safe. Normal delivery only present Not good for pregnancy but also for pregnancy later safe.

But the question is: which risk is less?

According to health experts, currently one in four children Born through Caesarean section.

Mother's facilities planned in caesarean

• Don't bleed too much,
• You don't have to endure childbirth pains,

Mother's discomfort in planned caesarean

• Removal of contraception in many cases after the birth of a baby It is called a hysterectomy.
• He had to stay in hospital for a long time.
• Pain after surgery that lasts almost a few weeks Is
• Increases the risk of a heart attack.
• Increases the risk of uterine infection.
• Ectopic or tubal while holding a child later Pregnancy, plasma Prevea, plasma acrobat and The problem of plascental absorption is observed.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the delivery of goods

• After delivery of the goods, the mother is in normal condition after a few hours Returned and to start normal work within a few days Can.
• The delivery of the material is troubling and painful.
• With the birth of a baby, Sal milk is easy to feed so the mother and The child's relationship is strengthened.
• The process of giving birth to a child in a delivery To get the baby's lungs ready for breathing and Strong.
• The mother gets physical and mental strength after the birth of the child. 'S He gets the amazing feeling of peace and achievement.
UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence According to this, for every mother, the day of birth is much Memorable The pains of childbirth are undoubtedly very difficult but the mother When he saw his own child's face, all his pains were vexed.
The right to decide on the method of birth of a child is all Mom has it. But their right advice when making this decision It's very important to help with that.

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