The Old Vulture English Story Kids End Part

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You search somewhere else here birds live with their little ones!
Oldie! You rest assured.
I used to live near the river and I am vegetarian!
Why should I believe you?
You are very king.
I'm telling the truth please believe me!
After listening to his parises, Vulture believes the cat and allows her to live on the tree and goes to sleep cat takes benefit of this and eats a Sparrows kid.
Now daily cat used to eat kids and Vulture sleep due to Old age.
The number of little ones was decreasing every day and now this created tension next day cat eats some more kids and runs away before the birds return.
After some time when the birds returned they see some bones lying near the Vulture.
And seeing the sleeping vulture they get angry see pals!
Today our kids are less.
And what are these bones in front of Vulture!
This Vulture has eaten our kids and is sleeping he has eaten our kids I will poke my beaks and kill him.
Seeing the bones near the Vulture all the birds believe that the Vulture has eaten their kids and everyone attack him with their beaks.
Being attacked by birds, Vulture injuries and fells from the tree and Dics!
Hence it is said,
We should not believe a stranger!
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