The Princess on the glass hill, - Part 1 english story kids

The Princess on the glass hill, english story kids,

Open this box, Tia!
It is a box of marbles.
And what's in that Pink one.
It's a small statue of a dog.
What are you going to do with all these gifts Tia?
I don't know.
Maybe some day I'LL use them.
I don't think they'll be of any use to you.
Well you never know.
What do you mean?
Once upon a time
A farmer had three sons
And Sam,
And large field.
He was a happy man except on thing.
In the last days of summer every year something ate all his crop.
He decided to talk to his sons about it.
My son's
I need your help.
End of summer is here.
And i am afraid, something will eat all our crop again.
Find a way to protect it.
You must the field every night till summer has passed.
Okay, father.
I will guard it starting tonight.
When night fell the oldest brother went to the field and stood guard.
But suddenly he heard a loud noise.
Who is there?
He got no response but the noise grew louder and louder scared, Jim ran away
from the field!
The next night Ken went to the field to guard it.
It had not been too long when suddenly there was a loud noise yet again.
Who is there?
Come out now!
There was no answer except the noise continued.
Scared, ken too ran away from the field.
Something is in the field!
I can't be here!
The youngest son decided to take over from Ken.
And went to guard the field the next night.
As the was doing his job he heand a loud sound.
There's that loud sound that ken and Jim described.
Let me follow it.
Unafraid, sam to whare the sound was coming from.
As he went further in to field he found
The most beautiful sparking white horse
That any body could have everseen.
On its back was a bronze armour suit.
Sam went to the horse and patted him.
Hello, there!
You are so beautiful!
Do you want a cube of sugar?
The hosre quickly are the sugar cabe
from Sam's hand.
Then he dropped the armour at Sam's feet
And gollopped away leaving the crops as they ware.
I will hide the armour in the field.
The next year the hosre came back again
And exchange of a cube of sugar he left a silver armour for Sam.

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