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Can You Hear Me

Can You Hear Me
Can You Hear Me

With a calculator at the head of six days of relationship Sitting, calculating, I saw that Gaff's spending six days 5 rupees. The next day I proposed to Goff a marriage, Sanjida was one In the sentence, he said yes, and then I got married as a family.

Are you listening? Varcity won't go?
Today is a month of marriage, again with a calculator Sit down, I saw the calculation of 5 taka a month The cost is.

Ish kan that I never got married before.
I took my wife to Varcity.

And Microbiology and I in the Chemistry Department. After finishing the class, the two came out. Sanjida Let's go to the restaurant today. Worthless money for eating unhealthy food at Arman's restaurant No need to spend it, I saw on TV that day at the restaurant Eat dog meat dishes. Let's go home. Whatever you eat
I will cook and eat tea. Sanjida let's go to the market, you see a knit Buy the saree, let's go I already have so many clothes, no need to wear sari. It is not right to spend money unnecessarily, the devil's brother
Eid will give you a saree.

Sanjida let's eat fizzy gossip, it's been a long time. Arman won't eat these, let's
go home. You are quite me Irritated.

Sanjida calls a rickshaw, I can't walk!
Only 20 minutes' walk, no need for a rickshaw, man Miles can walk miles after miles, and you can walk 20 minutes It does not make sense to spend money on Arman Dhing. Walking with your hands, I feel a different feeling, rickshaw If you do not feel this feeling will fill.

The two walked home and came home.
Message: All the wives are like this, unnecessarily for the husband to spend one penny Do not give up, they are always husband, family, all this The wife is a sacred relationship.

And all the guffaws are opportunistic, with the boyfriend costing money They will do so all day long. Of course they are not to blame The boyfriend is no one but himself, who earns it before the breakup It can take profit, but the value of the bet is lost if respect is paid Loss.

Live in every world of love. For all couples
Blessed be it.
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