Top 10 Depression Quotes

Top 10 Depression Quotes

Living with depression - and especially chronic depression Coping - claims of courage on any other virtue - we are our The courage to include lessons learned from the past is good in the future Strategies for health; Courage is needed when we Stay firm in the needs, and healing's new directions; And Dare to walk through confident thoughts, Our pain is to be filled with empathy, and our bodies And keep pace with mind - set mental resilience towards Path.

If you are like me, you need all sorts of speeches Dare day and day Out can practice. Over here Some of my favorite motivational quotes:

1. Courage is not absent in frustration; Rather, despite the disappointment ahead Ability to go - Rolo may

2. Strength, courage and confidence through every experience you You are afraid of your face. You Can tell himself, ' I live in this seriousness. I can take that next thing as well - alliance Roosevelt

3. Ring the clock which can still ring. Your perfect Forget Nabbede has a crack, everything in one Crack The way the lights come in. - Leonard Cohen

4. We must build courage to keep the fear flood. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. Grace is under pressure with courage.
- Ernest Hemingway

6. The more time we want to take, the more we can do Can. -  Helen Caper

7. Courage doesn't always roar. In the middle of the day, despair The calm voice in the end says, Will you try again tomorrow? - Mary Ann Rammecher

8. When you walk to the edge of all light and are unknown Higgins takes the first step, you To believe that two things should be one: for you Some hard will to stand on, or you'll be taught How to fly fly - Patrick Overton

9. Courage is not just one of the qualities, but at the testing point The size of each guna. - C S Lewis

10. Your fears, but with your hopes and your dreams Contact Us. Don't worry about your frustration, But what do you try to do with your incomplete feasibility And not with the failed self-assessment, but what Still possible for you. - Pope John Paul XXIII
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