Top Keyword Tamarind Full Review

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Tamarind Full Review
Hello viewer I have been brought to you today with a keyword that says that the CPC of keyword is too much and the competition is low than the viewer, I will go to work.

Tamarind Plan Overview
Your plan can get 730 clicks for US$650
and a US$3 max. CPC

Tamarind Per Day Searches
• Clicks : 730
• Impressions : 21K
• Cost : US$650
• CTR : 3.5%
• Avg. CPC : US$0.90
• Avg. Position : 1.1

Tamarind Monthly Searches
• Avg. Monthly Searches : 100K - 1M
• Competition : Low

Tamarind Locations Top States
• California 15%
• Florida 9%
• Texas 8%
• New York 16%
• New Jersey 4%
• Other locations 48%

Tamarind Conclusion
Finally, I'll tell those who choose to blog or write blogs. Can write with this keyword. This keyword is CPC high and Competition low.
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