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Romantic Story Sister Romance Tale

Romantic Story Sister Romance Tale

Can you talk to me if your Sister is
free? While checking the filter message, suddenly a message came from the ID of
a girl. I responded, what would you say?
You write. He writes so many stories. I read all your stories. Whenever I am upset, I keep reading your funny stories. I said with a laugh emoji, why is it upset you?
The boyfriend left me and married another girl. We had an affair for eight years. For six months I have been suffering from depression. I was smiling a lot. Then I told the girl that I was getting a big smile.
I think he got a little angry. Well, the boyfriend who married you left you did not want to know why he did this?
Sister she has blocked me from everything and even all the sims are changing. Now after finding out that she has married a girl and her daughter's father has written a house by her name as dowry and that girl is more beautiful than me. Well I understood all that but I do not understand why you are in trouble!
The girl is constantly giving away sad emoji. She said, I still love what I do!
Whom do you love The person who sells for eight years can forget about the money! Hey, that guy has no qualms for getting you. I said, still say you love him! Hey, that boy is a forehead burner. And the girl who got married has even bigger forehead burns. You might think the girl is very lucky. But not because The boy who left you with the greed of money
and beauty will release him even more beautiful than his father's daughter. You meet me, Niyo. Listen to you, but we do not know who is in our fate. We do not choose our favorite people. The one who lives in the end is the one who wrote the fate, the real one. The bad goes away for something good to come. And if your love is tolerated for a while, don't be alone in a closed room. Meet with everyone in the family. Get out of the house with friends. After a few days, you will tell me that Ish was not a fool. What can I do! Well what is your dream! All my dreams have come to an end. From now on, the dream I dreamed of is to stand on my own feet. After completing my studies, I will take care of my parents. No need for the bus anymore. You just focus on this aspect now. You have no idea what happened to you. You have left everything behind. Don't just talk about your dream,make it a reality. The girl said with a smile, "Are you in a good mood? General Chat Chat Lounge I said, being good depends on myself.
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