Forced Marriage

Forced marriage

Mullah Nasiruddin of the twentieth century
Weekly in Azerbaijan Forced marriage criticism.

Forced marriage is a person's will or consent Marriage against  From forced marriage Different, because both are boys and girls in arranged marriages Preferred by their parents or other persons (such as constituents) Gives consent to marriage with the spouse.

Forced marriages are often forced, physical
Or through forced marriage, they are forced to marry.

Especially in different countries and cultures around the world Forced marriage is still prevalent in South Asia and Africa There is  Some scholars use the term "forced marriage" Against.  Because consent is a valid marriage in the word Words (such as spouses) are involved but whose experienceb is complete The opposite.

Of course there are some alternative words,
For example, forced marriage and marital bondage.

The United Nations forcibly marries marriage as a violation of human rights Considering.  Because it is individual liberty and person Is against liberty.  Universal Human Rights Declaration By a woman to choose her partner and independently The right to marry is the basis of her life and self-esteem an it has been described as a manifestation of equality as a human being.

The Roman Catholic Church seems to have forcibly canceled the marriage Because marriage is valid only when women and men are both parties Gives their consent  independently. To abolish slavery The wedding was also banned at the summit
Where the wishes of parents, families and others Except when a girl says no to her own wedding There is no right and this is only for the purpose of preventing marriage Minimum age needs to be determined.

Special Court of Appeal Division of Sierra Leone in the 1969 Abduction of women for forced marriage during war and Detention as a new anti-human crime By saying Special court in Sierra Leone Judicial Chamber Charles Taylor's decision "forced marriage" Excluding the word, it is rather 'bridal slavery' during the war.

Children at the UN Human Rights Commission in the 2013, undeveloped
The first decision was taken against an elderly and forced marriage. The decision resulted in child, underage adult and forced marriage Human rights violations have been identified as a result of this A person is freely outside any form of coercion The right to live is diminished and as a result, it is different Human rights, such as the right to education, the right to health Especially deprived of sexual and reproductive health. This The decision also states that the post-2015 development index Children in discussions, underage adults and forced marriage The deletion will take place.

Child marriage, underage adult and
forced marriage or women Extensive and comprehensive for the prevention of sexual intercourse There is no alternative to sex education.
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