Christian Marriage

christian marriage
Christian Marriage

Election: In Christian society, the first woman is usually seen. First of all, the groom chooses the bride.  The groom selects the bride The bride knows the character, the guilt and the offspring.

Suggestion: On seeing a good day, the barber goes to the bride's house.  Usually
Go to the house of a relative next door to the bride's house with her Goes and explains their purpose.

Bagdan: Bagdan if the opposition agrees to the proposal The event was organized.  Somewhere this event is' ripe See also.  Bhavale called the event 'Pangach'. Get on
the occasion of bugging, with nuts, an odd number of fish Is going to.

Bayer: On this occasion the people of the groom go to the bride's house. Which is It is okay to speak beforehand. The groom present at the event The bride receives the blessing of everyone.

Registration: 3 weeks before the wedding at the bride's house Name the bride and groom. Many on the occasion of fireworks and Arranges the play.

Ban Prakash: On this occasion the bride and groom make the final decision. According to church rules, marriage classes are required at this time. It is Pre-marriage class arrangements.

Devil's Eye: From Registration to Marriage
The bride has to live a very restrained life. Many are ghosts at this time And 'Rosary garlands' to protect them from the gaze of the infirm The 'beads' are worn on the neck.

Kamani or Ga-Dhobi: The night before the wedding, Says Dhoni.  In many Christian societies this day is yellow The ceremony was performed with Makhee Zakmak.

Bride-to-be: At the dawn of the wedding, relatives of the bride, including the bridegroom Goes to the bride's house and brings the bride. Bring the bride home Time was paid in his hands.  When the bride comes home He threw the money into the house. This means that though he is home Going away, the house is still going home No Church Ceremony: At the beginning of the church entrance is the pastor's bride Takes over  The bride-to-be is then switched between the two. The siddur is then worn on the bride's neck.

Raising the house: On this occasion, the elderly face towards the courtyard The bride and groom are raised above. Then the bride and groom are white and red Walking on the sari in the trees and going home. This time the groom and the bride The other's little finger holds up.
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