Hindu Wedding

Hindu Wedding
Hindu Wedding

According to Hindu religion, the boy is
the nurturer of the girl in marriage Take responsibility and the girl to take care of their family Accepts responsibility. In this way they are two separate people On behalf of their own family. The goal of marriage is The upbringing of the family and the child's upbringing.

 And at the same time earn useful things
from outside Bringing in and handling the work of the world inside the house.

 Since a person cannot do both of these things at the same time The two tasks are divided between the two. That's why men are more Strong is naturally and girls are gentle and Children are born in their womb so the world is outside Men take the responsibility of earning the necessary things and at home The wife takes the responsibility of looking after the world. Just like that The family grew up well and took good care of the child Through marriage, the purpose tof the clan is successful.

Between the two These things are done seamlessly only if there is love The third queue between the two actually breaks in love with the two The mind is responsible for doing the previous work Starts to wipe out.  Violence and violence are created Damage can result in the failure of the child.

And this is where the purpose of marriage fails. So is marriage To protect the purpose, marriage is only between two people.
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