Indian Marriage

indian marriage
indian marriage

In India, marriage is done differently in the region. It depends Men and women of religion or personal affairs or family On the matter  Wedding is a festival in India, It has many dances, guest gatherings, good food and drinks And other ancillary things, but it's religion, The financial and personal status of women and men and their families It depends on a lot of things. Any In any case, the marriage will be without any ceremony Could  In India, about 10 million weddings are held every year.

Usually in India, according to Hindu tradition, the marriage ceremony is more This is seen because India is a Hindu majority country.

Good Simple Indian families are very much in the marriage of their son or daughter It costs money, but if you run out of love and get married Different thing  Of the physical relations of men and women legally In this case, marriage is the only medium in Indian society though nowadays This idea has changed.
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tike mik
January 18, 2020 at 9:12 AM ×

Wedding is believed to be the most popular and extravagantly celebrated occasion in India. The marriage rituals and practises of the same religion or caste, is sure to have changes, with the change in the place or the region.

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