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Your grandfather wants to know whether you want to get married?

Dad!  What are you saying?  I once said so?
So why are you sitting alone at the foot of the canal? Money. I don't want to mix with anyone.  All alone I love to stay It's not okay to be alone.  Everyone has to mix, happy to laugh  Have to stay I nodded my head and finished eating.

Father He left the room and went to the market. Ten minutes after that I got out too.  At the foot of the canal, the jam-tree fell upon the heel I have to sit and look at the uncharted water in the canal Feel good  Grandpa how many times have I been here? I don't know.

However, the grandfather hurried to marry his father I did not understand why he spoke. I love okay, but marriage That is not what you have to do now.  Rumi proud of him Don't talk for a few days.  The phone does not receive the call.  So bored Do not sit upset and dance? I was sitting on the cheek with my hands.  In the meantime Grandpa came. 

My Sitting down on the side of the swimsuit.

Girl grandson?  If you are sitting with your hands on your cheeks, then you will have the ill will.

Dad, I'm not married. Do it tomorrow or tomorrow. Cheeks do not sit with their hands.  What? Tell me. Like a girl? Just tell me Whose girl in a village? I took my wedding message To go Dadda, we're not married anymore.

Oh well, that means choice, as well as relationship There, so why are you sitting
here bored every day? No, that's what really happened Done. Tell grandpa what happened. When bringing a notebook from Khadija in the north I was standing and talking. And he sees it. Anything else Sitting proudly. Don't speak As misunderstood Don't speak So I don't even talk. But on the inside it hurts Being grandpa, Beach. Too bad assuming this. People who love are different This makes me proud.

What are you saying, grandpa?  And why water in your eyes?

Daddy wiped his eyes, asked what was in his eyes.  To you Tell me a story Grandpa started to say. Do you see a mosque on the bank of the canal? The mosque didn't have a mic Then Next to it was a bean tree. The tree is there now Don't have He starts with our marble game under the Shimul tree Make room for all sports.  Boys and girls in two to three areas Used to play  I used to play there.  Of that bean tree In the neighborhood there was a girl named Shimul.  I used to think Shimul The tree is named for Shimu.  She's been a kid since Thripch used to read.  The pink cloak would fall from shoulder to bottom.

Seeing the smile of the folk teeth made me smile.  Bangles in hand On foot  That tall little girl was two years younger to me.
She's in, and I used to read Six. From time to time Even if no one was in the area, I used to go alone by the canal.

Do you know why?  Shimura's folk teeth see the smile. Love then I did not know what love is. Why, however, is good to see him Cost Once in the very rain I left, on the floor of Shimul To see shiny  But no one came in the rain. I went When I was coming back in silence, he was always behind The smile of the folk teeth came to my ears. Let's look back Shimul smile love from the window of a room. My It was great fun then.

I returned home with an hour's satisfaction.
I passed the inter. At that time, I was no longer playing. Yet I went to Shimul and waited for Shimul. Them Shimul tree next to the house, he did not have trouble coming.  Then we I used to watch kids play and look at each other Would have  It seemed like I could look at this for eternity. Suddenly Suddenly Shimul used to laugh. Then Shimura had no focal teeth.

Louie had tooth-like teeth.  Both Shimu and I knew we were Love each other  But nobody had the courage to say it.

And what did I need to say? We are not the words we say I understood the gestures of the eyes. One day I see Shimura's eyes twinkling.  Eyes with a slight inclination Delete  I remember thinking, did Shimur get married right? When the kids started to shrink, the shimula was almost empty.

Shimul is ahead He gently says, "Today, I want to talk to you first. I dreamed about how sweet that first thing would have been. I was hoping for a day.  But today is all my dream Broke it  Jasmine is judging me, I'm like that Didn't expect you to.

Shimu went to wipe his eyes as he spoke.  That night I couldn't sleep. The next morning I am like you I was sitting on the canal with my   on my cheeks.  Was waiting When will it be noon and when will Shimu break his pride.

Like you, many people chase after girls on school holidays.

One day friends are out to roam. She's friends after school holidays The girls followed. There I was. And Jasmine
Shimul's girlfriend was also surrounded by girls. That's Jasmine Maybe Shining Shimul has said something. And Shimura was proud to hear that. It took me four days to break Shimur's pride. But he Because of the pride he heard on the floor of Shimul Shimul How much you love me  The year and a half was very good In our time  There is a lot of love in both eyes Had a dream But one day.

But what is a grandfather one day?  Don't say it early. My father was very angry. I was very scared. Big boy You will marry me as a father.  That's why the canal is over I went to see the girl with me. I said I would marry No The father says, look first.  Do not marry if you do not like. I too have thought in my heart, I will say as beautiful as the girl Not liked. Because I love Shimu.  But my destiny Was much worse  The girl I went to see Shimul's cousin.  Shimul was there. Seeing me, Shimu gets up Left  On the way, I saw Shimu's eyes.

And that was my last visit. I did not like Shimul's cousin.  But Shimul Thought, if you get married here, you will meet Shimul
I refused.  In fact, I want to marry Shimuls
So I am watching.  That's what Shimul thought. I do not know how many times I have gone to Shimultala.  Shimu didn't come, Not once. Many people have sent the news, yet Didn't come. There was no situation like getting them home. Next to I did not like to see the girl at home and returned.  She is How do I find Shimul at home?  We are proud of our values ​​and pride The story ended there.

The day before Shimul's wedding, I was sitting on the canal. Red The blue light was lit, I was staring. And the inside was burning In the fire of love After Shimura's marriage, I married your grandmother.
Yet not to my liking, to my father's choice.
You have been in this canal for a week.  Actually I do this I have spent several years in Khalpara. To sit on you I can't come by. You have to sit in this canal No  Here I just sit.  You're a grandson. His pride is broken.
Pride is too bad. Which is early I'm up  I have to break my roomie's anger. His grandfather Shimul is sitting on the canal with memories.  I'm a memory of my room No, I want to decorate the room with love.
When I came back, I saw my grandfather's eyes on his mattress Erase the water.

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