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Pursuit of Happiness

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On that day, Mili came and said, Well do not you can cut these beards? Some beards, what needs to be kept?

I said, It is a circumcision of the Prophet.
Simply will be a sin. If you are looking for
so much circumcision, you should read in madrasa. There is a believer without reading the madrasa. Your thoughts are still out of my ideas. I do not understand so much, if you are not smart, then it is not possible for me to keep relation." I said, "First, I will not cut the beard. And secondly I am as I am.

I can not be very modern." Then Mili said, "IM Seri to 2 He is not possible for me to keep this relation." In this way, about three years of relations are destroyed. Not only, not just a day, nine mi in the ozuahah, when it was just a need for a person that was very modern. There is a very modern daughter who moved to the capital with the old boy in the village. After the breakup, my mind was like that, the pain of losing dear people did not even black the pain. Occasionally crying, he used to trust in Allah. Surely he will do something good.

These were the events of 2010. Now I teach in a small school of the village. Everyone calls me, sir sir sir. Pee does not get the salary as well. Do not have strange millie now. It takes a lot of trouble, hearing about him. Have been divorced three times. He was married to a single grandson once. After three months of a family, he eats poison when divorced. The service was able to live anymore.

I saw Milki on the side of the big field of Ujanpara last Eid. I may not know me. The hairs were random, walking in a walker. Why do I know that my tears were coming in this situation. I prayed again to Allah, I would like to be happy. May Allah help you. In the case of small people like me, there are thousands of tin-tin shipments than being the owner of a building with thousands of distress. I do not need a lot of money to be happy.

Alhamdulillah is a little money that requires a little money to survive.

Today, on Sunday, I brought boal fish from the market. My wife cooked cooking. The smell of cooking went out around. Some friends will come to eat today. They are sometimes eaten with them. I know it will be like every time they will say, "Do not we see the dowry and this life?

There is nothing to actually do not go to my wife in front of the father. Even without the need, do not talk from hiding with the paradise.

"Listen to a little."

My wife is calling. "Say yes." "How do you eat a little?" "Mashallow, Mashallah. Your cooking is not a comparison." He laughed and said, "I love to hear your praise. Merge and say again." I said again "Mashallah, Mashallah. Your cooking is not a comparison.

Kulasum is laughing at the mouth. When someone hears loudly, he always works in his skepticism. I wondering from the cooking house and walking to walk on the verandah, can be happy for your own happiness, the people of sadness that can really be happy? I do not know.
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