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Smile Love

Smile Love

Sumaiya can't walk without holding my hand.  The two together When he came out, he held my hand in faith. Tomorrow The two went to a restaurant to eat. I feed him He will not eat the whole meal or eat two teaspoons of my stomach It's full.  I have to feed myself. Sitting at the table next door One of the boys said really at the restaurant They grow up, they just stick.  That's all people talk about Generally speaking among themselves.

The boy is probably a hero Will be the gymnast.  So he heard it and said.  As much as shame We did not even get a snap of him and we went out to eat Well, Sumaiya shook my hand even when I got out.

 General Chat Chat Lounge Amma Kolig or Amma tells her, 'Your boy is yours Keep in mind the waste is going on I told you what you said?  Mom answered something
 Didn't say, I gave a wry smile love.

 The truth is, I love Sumai's walk. His Abadar likes to erase. His unconditional love to people
 To me, they feel like a dark night. Lightless night away They are burning in the sky like Jonakipoka Just like the only light of light is my love for Sumayya So much for that.

 That day a friend said that your mama is your lover. Treat Dibina?

 Like me, Amma smiled and replied, 'Give'!
 My love for friends has grown in good spirits.  Of acquaintances Someone who saw me and Sumaiya together Some say Best of Luck and some point to gestures My lover explained that material.

 General Chat Chat Lounge How can relatives in this situation not swallow their nose?
 Is it  From abroad, Mama called Amma and said her son Or the girl is roaming the streets with a tow? To cultivate Can't you?

 Amma says the boy has grown up and has aged.  Such a glutton Turn around  Mama angrily cut off the phone. I have heard that Fahim love has started anew.  How is the pain of love I sat down to have tea with Fahim to find out.

 'Friends have heard all the rumors.  Shop light
 One day, I and Anila were doing rickshaw.  In the hands of Anil Cottage Filling.  Anila holds a shopping bag in two hands Who ate the rice, who or who looked.  We are the diameter
 The boyfriend went to the forest.  So how is love going on?

 I laughed and replied, well!

 Fahim said indifferently - don't say any more.  On the road with a wife Heartburn irritation, burning sensation with girlfriend.  And lover
 It is a great irritation to take a walk.  People are like boil fish Look at  As soon as you get a chance to eat the putty fish.  Girlfriend The next day the world lover, even if you hold hands while crossing the road Get the title.

 I said really friends, big irritation!  General
Chat Chat Lounge So one day after finishing the office, I am lying in the house. Sumaiya
go out to eat.  I don't like  Finally Hands pulled me out of the house Gone.

He kept his hands on the road so that I could not escape. People in the neighborhood were staring at how awkward they were. Later I thought that men are redder than women in society In the eyes of the young girl on the street as a demon to eat He looks at the feelings of the people of the society How do you see the other?

 Nevertheless, I told why it looks like this?
 Sumaiya replied, Excuse me, brother. Let's eat.

 I said go,  Starting from then.  In the words of the people, Amma is also nervous Laughs, I laugh too.
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