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In the evening the girl rushed to the boat.  Stare at me She said, "Please leave the boat fast." The bad guys are mine Took over.

I pushed the boat without asking anything else Auction. Alta cow's milk color in milk.

Bhagis passed the evening It's not night Just listening to the stories of bad people all around. Stay small Uncle just used to tell good people stories. This guy in the village How good people were those stories. Good people think so Settled in the story. I remember the uncle again. One of my uncles Good man  But he has no story.
The girl's face still has the impression of awe.

Where to go Don't know  I was forced to know, where to go? Boats Where should I take it?

The girl looked at me so far. The sun
goes down Is gone He said, Take me to Bambakhali Mirzachar. Hands on my head.
I stopped sitting and said, My The boat is not an engine. The route of the engine boat for three hours. It will take one night a day to sit.

The girl said, I have no problem. You move on. Take this My earrings Still carry me.

The girl began to open her earrings with her hands. I'm tied I said, I don't have to open now.  But last night saw the cool How can i get?

The girl looked up at the sky and said, "The light is in the middle." There will be no difficulty.  If you turn your face in this danger, you are a good person And where is the pub?

I want to be a very good person.  Good people like the story. How cool is the river at night.  It's like sleeping. Through it He is not obsessed with how many boats are going. Sit down Looking ahead, I see a part of the moon. The Mayavara Jyotsna makha The moon As if the moon in the sky is sitting inside my boat. But the moon does not laugh. Erased eyes. I'm normal to him I said, who do you have in Karimpur? And Mirzachar's car Approaching?

The girl looked up. Said, destiny was drawn again Destiny is taking over. To be wherever it is taking you Do you know the destiny well.

I don't understand anything about the girl.  I wanted to know, Why not stay? In reply, the parents urged me. Don't know Can you shelter me The seat in my hand stopped moving for a while. I am I said, way too far.  Speaking will take time.  You don't tell Why did you ask?

Wishing to see the girl's grief, if her head was in my lap Stayed I used to sit and listen to his story. Till dawn Otherwise, the story would continue, telling stories.

The girl began to say...

I'm pebble We are one brother and two sisters. I'm the youngest. Me Everyone admired me for being small. Who loves more, The one who loves more, if he hurts it is too big a draw Contain I hurt everybody, I hurt.

Pebble started to cry. Sitting three or four hands away from me. I wish Shantana is wiping her eyes with tears Give it But that doesn't make me a better person. Good
People will never want to look at the chest when they see a girl. Me I said, you don't have to tell the story. I don't want you to cry. The girl stopped crying and started saying again My name was Naughty Girl in the area. Get up, bike Run, I was walking around the whole village Properties. But a boy took my all. To me Misery, all my mischief. Made my mind my own He was the younger brother of one of our area's neighbors. Would often In our village His name is Swapan. She loved me first
Said. I couldn't. Because I am the same fault
Was guilty Shortly afterwards, the parents knew. People are in love Reading becomes violent. Something is awkward, the defendant is. I argue I used to dream with my parents.  Parents close to me Wanted to keep  After hearing the way so far away, he asked to forget the dream. But how do I forget? I love that day too I've become desperate for a man.

Waterman sees the boat going somewhere.

I forgot to sit down to hear the noise. The boat is upside down Was moving towards  Turn the boat and sit again I got it. Vision and attention to the words of gravel. My parents ruled me, beat me. I do it Become more violent. Then the dream will go to their home. Her The older sister said, this is the area of ​​my mother-in-law's house. For you I will have problems with my family too. You don't have to be here anymore, Go home If their house does not allow them to stay, then they must dream Have to leave But the dream is gone.

It seems to be leaving me forever. When he left Maybe the parents will marry me. I am forever I will lose my dream. So shameless parents say I got married to a dream. Dad listened Took the stick No one can stop the father. Me I said, if you do not marry to the dream then to the dream I'll leave. I do not know, then, a devil on my head. Dad listened Captured me in the house. I pull the bowl from the bottom of the bed I was scared. If I don't let me go, I'll die. Dad then The final got angry. Urged me I'm a parent too Forgetting love is the hand of a dreamer for the love of a miniature Came over The hardship I gave to my parents, even in hell It won't be my place.

The cries of the grave didn't stop at nothing.  The girl is for her mistake Repent. This time I got up to the gravel. I am sitting She was on my shoulder when she was shaking her head at the grave Give me a hand He is immersing his eyes with tears in his hands. I wiped my eyes. People are only crying themselves Don't recognize afterwards. Then he who comes to this world is to him Most of your people.
Hey Waterman, what's your name?
Night is much longer  Under the moon, under the moon light can be seen under the moon.

The Moon above has been our companion.  In the short time we are I used to run and tell each other, 'This is the moon that goes with me Has arrived If you do not believe, come to me and see. People too Wants to grow up fast. But when he realized he was really grown up Wants to be small again. Little like playing on the moon.

Hey Waterman, don't you name me?
I was surprised at the words of the grave. I said my name for many years No one asks.  Those who have engine boats Have a name  The boat, the boat. All of me Called the middle. His name was Sonai. Many a time this is Don't call by name Do you call gravel?

Your parents, brothers and sisters don't they even call you by name? I stopped sitting for a while. Sometime continuous The boat didn't run that much. Hatu folds and looks at the gravel I said, I have no gravel in three of the four families. In a cool I have a Vita on this boat and the elevator. Leave me Talk about you Then he goes to Karimpur with a dream Did you come? Yes, I came this morning. Dream parents are more Terrible, he told me about being in a boat. When Then I said? She said, they got married two days later at home Parents will accept as soon as they get up. Until then I'll be with a friend. I left home feeling lonely. To my parents I left it forever and unknowingly. He took me to his friend in the afternoon. Her friend is alone at home Remain  I do not know where the friend's parents are.  At noon the hotel I ate food. His friend arranged a room for me to dream Give it. My dream is taking me to that room. How about me It's scary. The whole body stood up. I told the dream, Let's get married first. After a while it will be evening. She is Surprised me, he said, "After two or three days of marriage." Will go  Now let's go home, people will talk about different things. I can't believe a dream can say such a thing. Whose Why did she leave for marriage after two or three days? And
Why would we be in a house without marriage? And after two or three if he is no more Not married Hands on my head I said, no dream hand Leave it Get married first The dream looked at me in a blaze and said, "You are starting to be Lila." Why? Do not say I will get married after three or three days? I'm talking about income in the house. This dream is not my dream of love. This is someone else, different Anyone in the world She's trying to drag me home. I bite into the dream and run.  He followed suit. Something As the race approached, he almost grabbed me. On the street I wanted help from people moving.  Shouted Tell me to save. Anyway, girls in this country There is no shortage of people standing on the street and shouting. People stopped dreaming and asked me to run
Why? Someone is hurting. I said, brothers, I am Don't leave this guy until he gets on the boat. I came running Got on your boat Since then he has been with you Going on Pebble didn't cry while saying so much. But the eyes are big when describing He was describing the rug on his neck. Now him Looks pretty cool and normal. To win the war roughly As glad  But before long the cry was not going to stop. How different the world is.  There are people of a different world than that. This smile We are all very skilled at playing crying. Asks Noori Did I go to my parents? I know Baba very well. That hurt her mind You do not want to see my face.  Basically my area is mine Known. In my area IplI am safe. So run from there I told you to go to Mirzachar. I have another address Don't know.  If I could, you could float on this boat Would have This middle river boat is better than the people of Kool. I said, even in this middle river, there is a man sitting next to you. Isn't he scared? I was a little scared at first. When you wipe my tears There is no fear then.  The one who wipes the water with tears easily The water does not drop. I believe in you. You're married Have you done it? If you do not get married, will you? Ha ha Whose marriage to me Will be There is only one house in UjanChar. In that room, except me No one has I don't know who my parents are. This river I float in the water. The uncle, however, later admitted. Before Some in the area said. I got it from the river Uncle. A small child is crying inside the bones of the ground on the river.

He doesn't know where he came from, why?  Any of the world He does not know the rules.  That uncle picked me up from the river and the man Did it The uncle was in the middle of the boat. There was no uncle. No one wants to marry a girl near the middle. Of the engine again There will be no shortage of girls on the boat. This boat is low income, vegetable You have to give up life.

Uncle taught me nine classes. Read more after uncle's death Did not I took this meeting instead of a pen.  I became a middleman.

Now tell me who will marry me? Who can eat twelve months? Vegetable scum? Gravel is silently staring at the river. It's like silence Language.

Gravel suddenly said, Sonai turn around.
I couldn't understand anything about the groove. Is she dreaming again?

Wanna get close? I wanted to know, come so far and come back again Will go The graver said, Sonai.  Do you have a Vita?
Have a house  He looks like a man with you in the house. You will live by eating herbs, she cooks herbs It takes a man to give. Please stay in your house? I can eat herbs. I rode the boat. I do not go home for two days. Go now It will be morning. Some have to be taken to the market. In this life I did not eat any girl's hand. I have one People need it. Not just for cooking. Someone in my lap Lying will tell the story, I will hear the story with the head cut off. If so I don't want to be a good person, it doesn't hurt. I'm the story I wanted to be a better person. Lighting in the light of light I see new stories in my eyes. I have to sort the story. The story of middle life needs to be
re-arranged. The boat is moving  Ujanchar's Waterman is on the middle vita.
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