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Wedding Anniversary

Today is my and my 3rd wedding anniversary. On the anniversary of the wedding at the wedding venues Gift my signature Divorse paper wrapped in hishand as a gift I gave.
Shocked to see Maya sitting there, shocked. No Unable to speak, it seems to have been blocked.
Although we have known before, our marriage is family By the way. His full name is Jannatul Ferdous Maya. Like the name Unusual maya in appearance. Dhaka to Chittagong bus stop It was impossible to see him wrapped in burqa for the first time, But I usually avoided thinking. But the second time I could not avoid seeing Fufato's brother at the wedding event.
This time I could not see the face because it was covered in burqa I fell in love with it. Too many times trying to talk I failed to continue, but I did not give up.
Showed me goodbye and left a card on the table.
Take the card in the hands of a big business Visiting card, I do not understand why you gave? Don't think about six pitches I left it in my wallet. Rickshaw fare to pay the rent On the other side of the card I see something written With a number.
Gave me a call Ringing, Assalamu Alaikum Owalaikum Assalam.
Strange, why am I weighed down I thought in my heart.
This is Mr! You like me don't you? Do you know me? Do you know who I am ?
Hmmm, you see me at the bus stop, like me Looking forward, and talking like a donkey at a wedding event Kept trying for.
What a Dangerous girl Ray dad! (Low I said aloud) What is this, what did you say? Nothing!
Don't tell me not to do Paknamo, or Udm Kelabo I have been watching so slowly, I am falling in love Read Mahmood or you have Saturn on your forehead.
Beat it for a while, if you ever thought of it Bring it And hmm your name is too sweet. Here's another word It's not fair to say that Tony doesn't say those things. Yes, Maharani.
Allah, how many words I am talking about, I say: Maya you are so When is the worst? (Maya says to reprimand herself) Ehhh what's the worst in this? I am your husband No problem.
Huh, it's! First you are at our house with your family Then come up with a marriage proposal, not before.
Islam does not legalize it, so today is the first thing to say Today is the end Yes, yes, then the address is home.
My father was the visiting card that day And the address that I gave to the other side of our house.
Okay. I left the phone with a salute. I just graduated from a new job after graduating. After the death of my father, my mother and my younger brother Milei Family. The older sister is married, the sister-in-law is out Therefore, the mother is often there. That's it for me Looking for a sweet mother.
I phoned my mother in the afternoon and told her about my mother, I see her at night Appeared at home. I asked if the night was actually?
So tomorrow I have to go to my mother's house tomorrow. Seeing so much more than my mother, I thought. Both families agreed, the marriage became a good one too.
In the night of Bashar, two stories were recited in the last night by Allah Thank you Maya's self-love and love make our family happy Goes Never once has anyone been anywhere except two or two Dad used to call at home in the morning, If he did not want to go, he would sit still. What else to do?
Obliged Like a boy would have to break his anger. Ever between the two of us I don't remember the talk being jarring or jarring. When he spoke angrily or proudly about something, I was I kept quiet and later broke my temper, seam work Mayo Used to do for me Suddenly, I had to move out of Dhaka to work in an office For the day It's time for me to leave home and much more Crying, but I had nothing to do. My 2 days It seemed like the most twenty of them except Maya. OK I said I couldn't talk all the time so when Don't call. I'll call if it's free. But he couldn't stay, From time to time, calls, messages would be given.
Back home, I hugged him and cried, That day, he promoted me as if I was him Don't go anywhere. If you have to go, take him too Go These three years are known as the happiest years of my life Because we have never had any trouble in the world.
However We have not yet seen the face of any child. The first 2 years Didn't give any importance but for a year both were very worried, very much The doctor showed up. Both of us used to checkup After a few days, there will be no problem. Lastly mine The friend's father is a reputable doctor, and the two go to him Checks and reports later.
Today is our anniversary. One on the way back from the office I stole a bouquet of roses and many glasses of his choice.
The friend's call came soon after going away, he said to go now. I quickly pressed the bike. Within minutes, I reached him In the father's chamber. As I entered, I was pointing to a friend He did. It made me realize a lot and 2 reports He went ahead and said that Maya could be a mother someday No What to say then or what to do, nothing was entering my head, the chamber I got out and went straight to the lawyer. Divorce Live at the paper.
The girl is crying a lot. The eyes are red Get involved in crying voices Why do I know about Divorce?
I forwarded his report to him and said Look into your own eyes. The report says to look Divorce me because I can never be a mother Giving? This is your love? Look at me and talk Tell me. Please leave me.
Before he was finished I got up and left, I knew if I had been there for a while, then myself I couldn't control it. Eventually we got divorced, no family at all Didn't object.
I received a call three months after the divorce, and was immediately received. Think The hall was waiting for my call. Received and said.
How are you? Your body is okay? Just like Have a meal? I salute and answer all his questions Alhamdulillah said. (This girl's ever together Too many questions won't change the habits, I thought) (crying out loud) This is a bar I'll come to see? Long time to you Do not see, very much wants to see (I said) Inevitably, where? When to say?
At noon tomorrow, the blue saree and the blue will be stolen and covered in burqa Will be ready. I'll come get you.
Okay, Well now let's put it in salute and before saying anything I gave. The next day Lying in the hospital bed, I counted the last charge.
Next to me is my mother And younger brother. I opened my oxygen mask to my younger brother I gestured to come, then told me when my breathing stopped When you go, call your sister and me He has it under his pillow. Little brother's cry The sound went up, please brother to keep these masks again Put it on The mother is crying and lifting her neck. Mother Apologize to The mother could not speak.
Zohar's Azan fluttered in his ear. Intense desire to pray Could not read the truth. In a while, my hands and feet Everything is getting cold, including thirst for water I can't tell anyone. Suddenly my breathing stopped.
Maya was informed. For a while I was crying and crying Sitting beside me, hugging me and crying. Little brother Handed the letter to Maya.
It started to open,
Dear my love When you arrive, maybe your frozen body is in the hospital Lying in bed You know dear! That's two days out of office I went to checkup two days, to find out after the checkup I have blood cancer. Then I will tell you how to understand I couldn't, but when the report came, the doctor said Due to my problems we are childless. Your report Altered with my report so that you There is no barrier to divorcing.
You may be wondering why I did this? I realized that you were suddenly not my father He will not tolerate the misery of my cancer, and moreover I can't live without you, so leave you alone I learned to stay. After the divorce I will feel emptiness But in my hope, you will learn to be alone. anything else Can't write. I'm having a lot of trouble.
I suffer I could do it, but seeing your hardship, I couldn't bear it I used to live the day I felt guilty, so much so I've done it! Forgive me my darling.
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