What is Marriage

what is marriage
What is Marriage

Marriage is a social bond The contract where by the two men get married Relationships are established.

 Although the definition of marriage varies across cultures in different countries, marriage in general is an institution through which intimate and sexual relationships between two people gain social recognition. In some cultures, getting married before being engaged in any kind of sexual activity is advised or considered.  In simple terms, marriage is a universal culture.

Marriage is usually No state, no organization, no religious authority, no aboriginal By a group, a local community or a group of people Can be recognized. This is often seen as a deal. Usually formal or religious practices The marriage is done through the ceremony.

Matrimonial Activities Usually a
social-recognized or legal obligation between the couple, And through this they legitimately volunteer Can produce offspring. In some parts of the world, Family-planned marriages, child marriages, polygamy and coercion Marriage is celebrated as a cultural tradition. Needless to say, Due to international law and women's rights initiatives Marriages mentioned in various parts of the world The law is included as a punishable

In terms of legal recognition, most sovereign states and Other jurisdictions are those of two opposite sexes in marriage Limiting and some of the states in their hands Recognizes polygamy, child marriage, and forced marriage. Over the past twenty years, an increasingly multinational state has emerged And other jurisdictions are inter-state marriage, inter-religious On marriage and most recently gay marriage The sanctions have lifted them to legal recognition.

Some cultures allow for divorce through divorce And in some places despite the state's legal sanctions Child marriage and polygamy occur.  Through marriage The family is born.  In addition to the family by marriage and Opportunity for inheritance is created. Through marriage Related man to husband (husband) and woman to wife (wife) Is identified as. The husband and wife's associated life is "bridal Is termed as "life."

Marriage in different religions Different genres are prevalent. Similarly different in different societies In practice, marriage is held. Marriage is basically a religious one However, it is also a legal practice in modern civilization.

Unmarried fucking is illegal and adultery is illegal Termed as a sin and crime.
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