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i can i must i will


Don't make yourself easily available. Learn to understand your own worth. Explain to everyone that you are invaluable.

 A smile on your face and confidence in your eyes works like a tonic to get ahead in any important test of life!

 I failed a few subjects in the exam once but my friend passed all the subjects and now he is an engineer of Microsoft and I am the founder of Microsoft!

 It is wise to change yourself over time!

 Life is not so short as we call it short. Time teaches us a lot on the way of life

 Change over time is very normal. Sometimes some changes are surprising. At one time I thought I might not be able to do this job, but after a while it becomes clear that I have become accustomed to it.


 Five to ten is as simple as work!

 Life requires both good and bad times, just as it is possible to know oneself in a very good way in a bad time, and the moments of feeling good about the people around oneself show the way to live in a new way by reducing the scope of suffering a lot!

 I don't know what will happen later, but if I can't do anything in this life, then where is the value of life?  We should all try to do something!

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